Reconciliation Newz Buzz 2020 No 4 Sept 2020

Yom Kippur

Feast of Atonement Eve 6-8pm AEST
27 Sept 2020

27 Sept 2020
Lev 16:29. This is the holiest day of the year for the appointed feasts of the Lord. The Jewish New Year or Feast of Trumpets, Yom Teruah, begins the 10 Days of Awe where we come into a time of repentance leading up to Yom Kippur. It looks forward prophetically to the final day of judgement. It is awesome & exciting to know how Jesus (Yeshua) will fulfill this feast & we need our hearts to be right.

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Main Speaker Ps Avner Boskey, Messianic Jewish author, teacher and musician, lives near Be’er-Sheva in Israel with his wife Rachel. They are the founders of Final Frontier Ministries, a ministry dedicated to stirring up the creative arts, worship, intercession, the prophetic and evangelism. Avner is the author of the book ‘Israel the Key to World Revival,’ ‘A Perspective on Islam’ and ‘A Messianic Perspective on the Restoration of David’s Tabernacle.’ Avner and Rachel have released five CDs – Music & books available at

Feast of Trumpets, Yom Teruah

18 Sep 20, 7pm-10pm
Speakers – David Silver, Israel, Dr Karmeel Majdali, UK & Pete Stucken, Australia

Tabernacles or Sukkot

2 Oct 20, 7pm-10pm
Speakers – Dr George Annadorai, Singapore, Norman & Barbara Miller, Australia & Messianic music by Israel Roytman
Hosts Ps Jack Yeo and team Emmanuel Blessings Christian Centre
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Hosts for Yom Kippur – Ps Norman & Barbara Miller, Tabernacle of David & Centre for International Reconciliation and Peace. They lead up a Gathering Apostolic Prophetic Network praying for government and a Tabernacle of David Asia Pacific Prayer Network. They were on the International Council of Elders for many years led by Ps Tom Hess, Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations, leading Australia & the Bethany Gate & were the inaugural leaders of the Indigenous Gate. They have travelled extensively internationally, led ANZAC tours to Israel and have hosted conferences in most capital cities of Australia, 4 in Parliament House Canberra & a Sons of Abraham conference in Jerusalem

Norman and Barbara and our ministry support the National Solemn Assembly and prayer during the Ten Days of Awe between the Feast of Trumpets and Yom Kippur. 
National Solemn Assembly prayer by Norman Miller 8.9.20
See the National Day of Prayer website for the full video which is over an hour. This what Barbara Miller shared briefly.
National Solemn Assembly prayer by Norman Miller 15.9.2
National Solemn Assembly prayer by Barbara Miller 15.9.20. If you want more information on de Quiros declaration of the South Land of the Holy Spirit, see a longer video – You will be very surprised what you hear. The book can be found on

We would appreciate your prayers re these 2 boomerangs Norman made. The first one on religious freedom was given to Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells in Feb 2020 when we were in Canberra for the National Prayer Assembly. She is campaigning on this issue said she would try to give it to the Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Norman would love to be able to be there for the handover. The second photo, also in Parliament House Canberra, was when Norman gave the boomerang to the then Speaker of the House, Bronwyn Bishop accompanied by Warren Entsch, then and current Member for Leichhardt and Ken Wyatt, current Minister for Indigenous Australians. This was in Nov 2013. As it is now of historical value, Norman has donated it to the Museum of Australian Democracy in Canberra which is housed in the Old Parliament House. He would love to be there for the official handover. Australian constitutional change to remove racism from the constitution and give First Nations people recognition and a voice in it is still in progress.