Reconciliation Newz Buzz 2020 No 6 Dec 2020

Australia Day Prayer 26.1.21 Daniel 2:21, 9:21,10:21 (7+7+7) Daniel Fast 21 days before or after 26.1.21 ZOOM ID 116446220 – REGISTER BY EMAILING US FOR PASSCODE free event, donations welcome

The Centre for International Reconciliation and Peace and Tabernacle of David Cairns have hosted many Australia Day Prayer events, the last two in Canberra …

25-27 Jan 2020 Australia day prayer Newsletter

25-27 Jan 2020
Australia day prayer
Prayer & Worship conference, Canberra
Start the year with prayer for our nation from its capital. Receive a fresh touch from the Lord. Flow in the prophetic, make apostolic decrees, hear from God His will for our nation & ourselves and re-consecrate ourselves afresh. The theme is from Isaiah 9:1-7, the Galilee …