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Tumbleweed, Chaff and Psalm 83 by Ps Norman Miller, Tabernacle of David Cairns 27.4.24


By Barbara Miller

While praying for Australia before our church service on Saturday 27/4/24, I remembered a word the Lord had given me for an Australia Day prayer conference we held in Canberra before Covid.  In it, I had a vision of a rudder that could turn around the ship of our nation back to Judeo-Christian values. A rudder is small but it can turn a big ship around. So I asked the Lord, what is the rudder we need now to turn our nation around and I was surprised to be guided in prayer that the rudder is the alleged stabbing of the Assyrian Bishop recently by a boy charged with terrorism who had shouted allahu akbar as he did it with the bishop forgiving him

On reflection, two changes occurred. One was that police and ASIO who had not acted when Jews were assaulted by Muslims, when Islamic hate preachers preached death to Jews and street protestors shouted kill the Jews etc, acted quickly this time.  They found a terror network of teenagers, arresting them on the eve of Anzac Day to avert a terror attack. This may have been because a Christian Arab was attacked rather than a Jew and/or the crowds that would be out for Anzac Day. With about 2,000 rioters gathering outside the church after the livestreamed alleged stabbing, police were injured and police cars damaged because police protected the perpetrator. They were likely concerned re Arab on Arab violence. 

Secondly this bishop, Mar Mari Emmanuel, already reportedly had 120,000 followers before the alleged attempted murder but now his profile is greatly increased and he is someone who is not frightened to stand up for biblical values and challenge Islam. He has visited Gaza in the past and may be critical of Israel. However, I will be praying the Lord uses him to speak fearlessly for Judeo-Christian values.

In my prayer, I also saw a stone being dropped in a pool and the ripples going out from it and felt it was healing waves so I pray that the Lord will heal our nation from the division and lack of social cohesion that has beset it and bring revival.

However, we have another development this morning in that messages on signal indicate that, a few days after the alleged stabbing of the bishop, the teens said that their next target would be Jews. This has obviously alarmed the Jewish community along with anti-Israel camps being set up at Sydney and Melbourne universities and 5-year-olds being taught by their teacher to chant “intifada” and “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”, a genocidal call to wipe Israel and Jewish people off the map. The call to prayer is urgent so that God would turn our nation around to be a sheep nation not a goat nation (Matt 25).

Australia Realigns its Policy to Support Hamas and Turns its back on Israel Joining Psalm 83 Nations

Ps Barbara Miller 13/4/24
An earlier shorter message – Australia now aligned with Psalm 83 nations against Israel, a warning of judgment by Ps Barbara Miller, 11/4/24 Call to prayer and repentance

Palestinian Pastor Bassem Adranly who translated the plaque of apology into Arabic with Barbara who wrote the apology. Right are our teams of ANZAC Christians with Jacqueline Bedson of Australia and the Rozmus family of NZ laying a wreath at the grave of Leslie Lowry at Ramleh Cemetery 2017.


“While Surafend is a little-known part of our ANZAC history, I went there twice in 2010 and 2017, met locals and researched the history,” said author, historian and pastor Barbara Miller. “For the pro-Palestinian lobby of Australian teachers to denigrate the ANZAC legacy by rewriting it emphasizing Surafend, tying it erroneously to the Israel-Gaza war and belittling the sacrifice of so many Australian soldiers and their families on the eve of ANZAC Day is disgusting.”

Co-founder of the Centre for International Reconciliation and Peace with her husband Pastor Norman Miller, Ms Miller said, “The Victorian Teachers and School Staff for Palestine (TSSP) have produced their own material with which to indoctrinate our children with their anti-Israel, anti-Australian agenda. They should at least get their facts right.

“Their 40-page booklet titled Teaching for Palestine: Challenging Anzac Day will ignore teaching resources from the Australian War Memorial though it is aligned with the national curriculum. The teachers are reportedly concerned with imperialistic and militaristic views.

“What happened at Surafend? The war was over and the ANZACs were camped near the Bedouin village of Surfend on 10 December 1918. The troops were tired of the British protecting the Arabs who had a long record of thieving and other harassment. SEE MORE

Passover Message by Ps Barbara Miller 21/4/24
This message was delivered by zoom to Emmanuel Blessings Church in Sydney

Never Again is Now meeting Gold Coast April 24 L-R Libby Burke & David Qld jewish Board of Deputies, Ps Dale Smith, Rev Mark Leach, Ps Barbara Miller, Ps Ruth Smith. Rev Mark Leach speaking.

Left – Rev Mark Leach, LIbby Burke speakers introduced by Ps Joel Baker Flame Tree church Nambour. Right – Ps Norman and Barbara Miller with Warren and Chris Woodward and LIda, our friends

Left Barbara with William at the end of the April 18 meeting at the Qld Holocaust Museum. There was an opportunity to tour the museum before the meeting. Right – Rev Mark Leach and Libby Burke spoke at the museum but this is a photo of Mark speaking at the Sydney rally with Norman’s painting behind him. About 12,000 attended the Sydney rally in Feb. All meetings in Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane were well attended. Norman and Barbara especially travelled from Cairns to support Never Again is Now. .

Ps Barbara Miller closing in prayer after Never Again is Now meeting Qld Holocaust Museum Brisbane 18/4/24
Don’t miss out on this amazing event to comfort the Jewish people (Isaiah 40:1-5) and stand up for the Judeo-Christian roots of our faith. Our Centre for International Reconciliation and Peace and Indigenous Friends of Israel (visit) support this event & the NAIN movement against antisemitism. It is also good to see a greater level of cooperation between Christians & Jews.

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Passover Seder Beginning to Dinner – Tabernacle of David Cairns hosted by Ps Norman & Barbara Miller
Part 2 After dinner to end of Seder click HERE

Norman and I attended the wonderful Pesach Seder of the Chabad in Cairns. About 120 people enjoyed their time in a marquee led by Rabbi Ari Rubin.

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