Reconciliation Newz Buzz 2020 No 6 Dec 2020

Australia Day Prayer 26.1.21
Daniel 2:21, 9:21,10:21 (7+7+7)
Daniel Fast 21 days before or after 26.1.21
free event, donations welcome

The Centre for International Reconciliation and Peace and Tabernacle of David Cairns have hosted many Australia Day Prayer events, the last two in Canberra and others in Melbourne, Sydney and Yarrabah Aboriginal community.

With covid-19 restrictions we are hosting it online in 2021 but it is shaping up to be an important time to redefine our priorities and to shape our nation into the Godly nation it is called to be. Take the time out to pray for our nation at this critical juncture in our history.

As an apostolic-prophetic team, Ps Norman & Barbara Miller have been a prophetic voice to Australia for many years and have led up a team of government intercessors for the last 2 years as part of the Gathering Apostolic Prophetic (GAP) Network. Ezekiel 22:30 tells us that God looked for someone to stand in the gap for Israel to avert judgement on it. Please be that person God is looking for to stand in the gap for our nation & join us on Australia Day. Indigenous issues will be covered too.

God’s Prophetic Strategy, Keys to Unlock, Establishing God’s Plumbline & Releasing a Miracle Anointing message by Ps Norman Miller. Delivered at a Gathering Apostolic Prayer (GAP) Network meeting 19.11.20
Prophetic words on Moving the Needle at our Gathering Apostolic Prophetic (GAP) Network and earlier prophecy re setting up Tabernacle of Davids throughout Australia and especially in Qld.

Check out our videos on the Government of God, Amos 9:11 Tabernacle of David, Sons of Abraham, Healing the People Healing the Land at Uluru, Following in the Footsteps of the Lighthorse and ANZACS and Following the Footsteps of Jesus in Israel – all ready to download –

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“If I Survive” the gripping story of a Jewish Holocaust survivor is now on Audible, Amazon’s audiobook platform and can be read for free. I would love you to read it and put an honest review on amazon. The link is If you prefer to read on another platform and would like to leave a review, I can provide a free review copy for you. Just give me a buzz. 

A world-first is a Hanukkah menorah made from boomerangs with the permission of the local Aboriginal people. It was set up on the Cairns Esplanade by the Chabad RARA and the candles were lit by MP Bob Katter and Deputy Mayor of Cairns Terry Lewis. Norman and Barbara were privileged to join the Jewish community for this event again this year. Last year Chabad RARA made another world-first by making the menorah out of mangoes. 

This year, a menorah stands side by side with a Chrismas tree in the Cairns CBD for the first time. I have included a photo here of a Jewish family with the menorah and Christmas tree in their home which is not as unusual as we might think. The photo is from The Jewish News 23.12.2019.

Chag Hanukkah Sameach and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from our team at CFIRP and TOD.

L – Barbara lighting the Hanukkah menorah or hanukkiyah on the 3rd night. Her message is available –
R – William Cooper and the Australian Aborigines’ League. On 6 Dec, Abe Schwarz organised the 82nd-anniversary event of their Aboriginal protest march to the German Consulate in 1938 protesting Kristallnacht. It was held at Temple Beth Israel Melbourne and was also an online event at which Barbara was privileged to be a part. David Jack made a documentary of the 1938 protest and the efforts by family and others to carry on the legacy. It was a world-first premiere.

In a historic moment, the German government made an official apology to Australian Aborigines for snubbing the protest and this was recorded on the documentary and in Australian newspapers
Barry Rodgers of Beersheba Vision interviewed Barbara for the anniversary of Kristallnacht and the protest of Australian Aborigines against it as she is William Cooper’s biographer. It was on Jewish radio J-Air –