As soon as I (Barbara Miller) heard on Wednesday about the tragedy in Beirut, I sensed the Lord was showing me that it was a situation similar to Haman’s gallows. I shared that on a number of WhatsApp groups straight away. In the time of Queen Esther, Haman tried to trick the King of Persia (ancient Iran) into killing all the Jews in the vast empire of King Xerxes or Ahasuerus, virtually the then known world – from India to Ethiopia. The plot was exposed by Esther and her uncle Mordecai who were Jews and the genocide was stopped by another decree that reversed the effect of the first decree. The King ordered Haman hung on the gallows he had constructed himself to kill Modecai. Haman was a Persian/Iranian citizen but he was descended from Agag, King of the Amalekites, traditional enemies of Israel. Amalek was the grandson of Esau, the ancestor of the Edomites.

The Iranian-controlled terrorist group Hezbollah controls the port in Beirut where the ammonium nitrate that exploded was stored. It can be used for fertilizer or explosives. It is known that Hezbollah has weapons stored at the Beirut port to attack Israel with more than a hundred thousand missiles. This appears to be a case where Hezbollah’s plan to kill Jews in Israel has backfired upon them, tragically killing innocent civilians in the process. Another plot from Iran to kill Jews has been foiled.

This seems to be confirmed by media reports on Sunday that the people have built a mock gallows on which they performed a mock hanging of Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah & former prime minister Saad Hariri. A number of key intercessors have confirmed what the Lord showed me. It is important however that we have compassion for the injured and those who have lost their loved ones, Christians and others, and that we pray for reform, repentance and salvation in Lebanon and terrorism to end. There are urgent needs for food, medical aid and housing. Lebanon was already in financial and Covid-19 crisis before the blast and the blast has destroyed silos of wheat containing 85% of Lebanon’s food. Jonah was chastised by the Lord when he complained that the Lord spared Nineveh, the enemy of Israel, when they repented.


The Centre for International Reconciliation and Peace has a number of ministries under its umbrella and Indigenous Friends of Israel (IFI) is one of them. Formed in 2017, Ps Norman Miller said “It is simply untrue to maintain that Israel is an apartheid state. As Indigenous people, we know what apartheid is. Israel is a beacon of democracy in the Middle East and has Arab Members of the Knesset and has Arabs living peacefully and working in all walks of life enjoying their democratic freedoms.” 

IFI was formed in July 2017 to counter Bob Carr’s anti-Israel comments and to maintain Australia’s bipartisan support for Israel.

Norman and Barbara were blessed to share on Indigenous Friends of Israel at a Shalom Israel event in Melbourne in 2018 where the Christian and Jewish community came together at the Beth Weizmann Centre.

In July 2020, IFI, our Centre (CFIRP) and Tabernacle of David joined with Australia’s ICEJ and many other pro-Israel organisations to write a letter to Australia’s Foreign Minister, Marise Payne, to support the proposed extension by Israel of its sovereignty over Judea and Samaria as designated by the Trump Peace Plan called “Peace to Prosperity: A Vision to Improve the Lives of the Palestinian and Israeli People.” The letter added supporting international legal documents.

We were blessed to have Mr Albert Veksler of the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast as a guest speaker at one of our Tabernacle of David Asia Pacific Prayer meetings that we host and he shared on this issue.

Barbara spoke to our Tabernacle of David Cairns on Judea and Samaria in the following video. One correction- at the end I shared I had a revelation in 2017 that the replacement theology of the church had opened the door for the supersessionism of Islam but I said Israel instead of Islam.


A number of years ago, Barbara after a conference we hosted in Parliament House Canberra where we built a throne for the Lord, Barbara saw a vision of a crown over Parliament House and David Jack made this beautiful image.

At the start of 2019, we formed a spiritual government ministry praying for the Australian government, weekly then fortnightly praying by zoom. Called GAP based on Ezekiel 22:30 where the Lord looked for someone to stand in the gap for Israel so He would not have to destroy it for its sin, we appointed pastors and intercessors to federal government portfolios. They hear from the Lord and research current events to pray for these portfolios and the ministers responsible on a daily basis. This has greatly influenced government policy along the lines of maintaining our Judeo-Christian heritage. Our primary scripture is Isaiah 9:6-7 and we proclaim the government of Australia is on the shoulders of Jesus or Yeshua.


Norman and Barbara initiated the Tabernacle of David Asia Pacific Prayer Network (TODAPP) on Erev Shavuot with a trumpet blast and we have been blessed by the participation of pastors and intercessors from most nations in Asia and some in the Pacific. We meet on a fortnighly basis by zoom and have a WhatsApp group for prayer in between. 

As well as having people from the actual nations leading prayer for their nations, we have a guest speaker each time as well and we have been very blessed to hear from Rev Dr George Annadorai from Singapore (pictured) on a couple of occasions. As we have a focus on Israel and the Isaiah 19 highway, we have prayer leaders from these nations as guest speakers and regular members. We were blessed to have Ps Shlomy and Miriam Abramov from Rishon LeZion Israel, Mr Ablert Vesksler from the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast and our next guest speaker is Adel, an Egyptian Australian who regularly prays with us. Ps Jack Yeo from Emmanuel Blessings Centre in Sydney has been a wonderful support as has Judy Chiem. 

What is it? Watch this 3min video by Ps Barbara Miller.
Hear from Norman Miller and experience the beauty of the rainforest
Norman Miller at his gallery with placards 


By Barbara Miller

Norman made the point that yes, black lives matter but also all lives matter and he stood outside his art gallery with placards in the shape of hands saying “stop youth suicide” and “stop abortion.” He could have added stop domestic violence. He had signs saying John 3:16 and Ps 91 and he added “all live smatter to it.”
 In answer to a question from an intercessor of how to stop a Black Lives Matter march in Sydney because of Covid-19 and other concerns, I gave an unusual answer. My answer was to use a strategy from the Lord around Balaam’s donkey. To start with, there are genuine grievances and pain and a genuine call for justice around the Black Lives Matter movement in the USA and Australia that I support. However, there are ungodly forces that have attached to the Black Lives Matter movement in the US – anarchism, Marxism, Islamist ideology and even traditional African spirituality e.g. invoking warrior ancestor spirits to help them. Some churches and synagogues in the US have been destroyed.

The Aboriginal Lives Matter movement in Australia which has become Black Lives Matter is different but with Marxist influences. My heart goes out to the family of David Dungay and others who have tragically lost their lives in custody.

In December 2015, Dungay’s heart gave way in Long Bay prison hospital under the weight of five prison guards. His last words were “I can’t breathe.” Ironically, they were preventing him from eating biscuits because he was diabetic and when he resisted, he was forcibly given a sedative. The 26-year-old Aboriginal is now being portrayed as Australia’s George Floyd. His family is distraught because the coroner did not find the prison officers guilty and want an inquiry which is understandable.

In 1983, John Pat, a 16-year-old Aboriginal boy, was beaten to death by four off-duty police officers in Karratha, Western Australia. The policemen were acquitted by an all-white jury of manslaughter, on the grounds of self-defence. His death and others led to the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody which was presented with cases of police brutality to Aboriginals.

I was asked by the Queensland Commissioner, Lou Wyvill, to write a submission to the Inquiry on behalf of the Aboriginal Coordinating Council (ACC) of which I was CEO. ACC represented the land-based Aboriginal local government councils in Qld. I wrote a 100-page report in 1990.
 Surprisingly, the royal commission found Indigenous people weren’t dying in custody at a higher rate than others. This is still the same situation today. They were over-represented in jail, but not in deaths in custody. Nevertheless, the implementation of the recommendations needs to be revisited and a fresh commitment made to enforce them. The Australian Law Reform Commission (2018) wrote, “Although Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults make up around 2% of the national population, they constitute 27% of the national prison population.”
The Australian reported on 15.6.20 “The Australian Institute of Criminology, in a paper by Jenny Mouzos, says that from 1989 until 2000, 

Photo of Norman Miller with Closing the Gap targets painted on a hand


By Barbara Miller

The Closing the Gap initiative was set up by then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd after the 2008 Apology re the stolen generations of children. The Apology was a watershed moment in Australian history with the nation, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, engaged with the bipartisan event and a lot of healing occurred. Norman and I were in Parliament House Canberra for it. Rudd wanted to follow with practical reconciliation measures to reduce the huge socio-economic disadvantage of Indigenous people on most socio-economic indicators like health and mortality, education, employment etc.

However, at the 10-year mark in 2018, it was found that only 2 of the 7 targets were met. It was a failure. There have been extensive negotiations since then for a reset and finally, very recently 16 targets instead of 7 have been set and signed onto by federal and state governments and 50 peak Indigenous organizations.

I am especially happy that there are new targets for reducing by 2031 the extremely high levels of incarceration of Indigenous adults (by 15%) and youth (by 30%), reducing the high number of children in out-of-home care (by 45%) reducing overcrowding in housing and new targets for recognizing Indigenous legal interests over land and sea and increasing the use of Indigenous languages. However, should all these targets by met by 2031, it will still be a very long time into the future before parity is reached and there is no gap – a sad situation.

I have 12 prayer points I can send to anyone interested.


15.1 per cent of all homicide victims nationally were Aboriginal, as were 15.7 per cent of all homicide offenders — and yet ­Aboriginal people were less than 3 per cent of the population.”

Re black-on-black violence, The Australian also reported on 15.6.20, that Aboriginal leader “Jacinta Price wrote in The Daily Telegraph on June 9: ‘In 2018 in the NT alone, 85 per cent (4355) of Aboriginal victims of crime knew the ­offender. Half were victimised by partners. Aboriginal women made up 88 per cent (2075) of those victims.’

“Aboriginal children were 5.9 per cent of the population but five times more likely to be hospitalised after an assault than non-indigenous children. ‘Between 2007 and 2011, 26 per cent of all deaths among Aboriginal children … were … (from) abuse injury,’ she wrote. ‘The leading cause of child death between 2014 and 2017 … was suicide. This is a quarter of all child suicides in Australia (85 of 357)’.”

“Realising that there are fun­damental connections between child neglect, child sexual abuse, Aboriginal victims of crime and the high rates of incarceration will allow us to address these critical ­issues effectively.”

Some intercessors did pray the prayer strategy of Balaam’s donkey before the Sydney march on 28.7.20 which was cancelled. The donkey (vehicle) refused to take Balaam where he wanted because an angel stood in the way. If you want a copy of this prayer strategy, please contact me.

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