Summary Report Australia Day Prayer 25-27 Jan 2020 Canberra

By Ps Barbara Miller

The Australia Day Prayer Conference was hosted by Apostle-Prophet team Norman and Barbara Miller, pastors of Tabernacle of David Cairns and founders Centre of International Reconciliation and Peace with Glen Sebasio and Ps Irwin Ross co-leaders of Tabernacle of David Canberra.

The closing of the airport due to bushfires prevented some participants from coming but others came from around Australia. There were a huge number of testimonies at the end and many cited the freedom to worship, the freedom to share and prophecy and be involved in prophetic acts stood out for them. But most of all the sense that the prayer gathering was flowing with the Holy Spirit and the tangible presence of the Lord. God’s presence was very strong from the beginning. One hour of worship was allocated before the morning and afternoon and night sessions each day but sometimes it went longer with prophetic song. Jacqueline had a vision of a well.

Norman, Glen, Victoria and Andrew worship team
Glen, Norman and Martin

Barbara had a vision of the burning bush where the Lord spoke to Moses to go to Pharaoh and commissioned him to bring the Israelites out of Egypt into the Promised Land. She was led to commission those present to bring people out of the wilderness of sin into the Kingdom of God. (Jesus has already given us all the Great Commission to save souls.)

Norman welcomed the Lord and did a welcome to country for those who had come from overseas and not been welcomed to Australia. He released a prophetic word for 2020 of “Plenty plenty of the Lord in 2020” based on Psalm 65:11 about the Lord crowning the year with bounty or plenty. He said he had called the Australia Day Prayer for 3 days because of Hosea 6 – Return, Revive, Restore and that Australia had been through a lot with the bushfires and drought but God would restore us on the 3rd day. Jacqueline had a rain stick which she used with good effect. It sounded like rain when tilted. Norman then taught on the spirit of Pharaoh and the spirit of Edom which he said was over Australia and taught on Ex 20:20, Nu 20:20 and Psalm 83. He said we were all going to experience an exodus. He explained which nations today represented those in Ps 83. Ps Norman involved people in a prophetic act and prayers for release from these spirits. Barbara declared the tents of the Tabernacle of David would defeat the tents of Edom and other tents arrayed against Israel and that they would repent or be moved into the sea and their name blotted from the record which is what they wish to do to Israel.

In the afternoon, there was a wonderful time of worship in song and worship in dance with Glen leading worship and Irwin leading Israeli dance. The presence of God was tangible. Andrew, Victoria, and Martin were a part of the worship team. Some original songs from Tabernacle of David Cairns were sung during the weekend. Glen led most of the worship but occasionally Norman did. During this worship session, Norman read from Rev 19:1-8 about the fall of Babylon and got us to declare hallelujah with him each time it came up in scripture. This is the shout and victory song from heaven that will come with the fall of Babylon. It was a powerful time. Photo of Irwin below.

After the worship, Barbara commissioned angels to take their place, released a prophetic word for Australia for 2020, made decrees and shared about a spiritual shadow government they had set up after the Australia Day Prayer last year. (Barbara pictured below).

She declared a highway of holiness (Isaiah 35:8) and had us to do a prophetic act where each person removed a stone from the highway (Isaiah 62:10), repented for each stone, closed the door to it and declared a highway of holiness. Barbara had written the stones/sins on paper and put them on the ground like a highway. These stones had been hindering revival and were now removed.

In the evening of the first day, Norman represented the Indigenous people of Australia and spoke of the hurts of colonisation. He said the Lord had given him Genesis 26, the first book of the Bible for January 26, the first month of the year which is Australia Day and we need to overcome conflict and strife and make room in this nation to live together just as Abraham and then Isaac made a treaty with the King of the Philistines. It is the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook mapping the east coast of Australia and claiming it for the UK. He said there was conflict at Botany Bay (now Sydney) and Cook forced his way ashore and wounded an Aboriginal man. He then travelled north along the east coast in 1770 to what is now called Cooktown and he would not share the turtles they caught with the Aboriginal people so there was a fight. Captain Cook wounded an Aboriginal man and as they ran, he kept their spears. Then an Aboriginal elder came forward with the tip of his spear broken off in an act of reconciliation, the first one in Australia, and Cook gave the spears back. Norman showed us a painting he had done of Captain Cook. He said that Dutchman Willem Janszoon was the first European to set foot on Australia at Mapoon, not Cook, and Barbara had written 2 books about it. Norman declared a jubilee because it was 5 jubilees since Cook came and 5 is the number of grace so this is time of restoration of the land and people and a time of grace.

Norman also explained that Australia Day commemorates the arrival of the first fleet from Britain and the setting up of the colony of NSW (and Australia) so Aborigines call it Survival Day or Invasion Day but he calls it from Survival to Revival and from Invasion to Transformation. Norman stood in the gap for his tribe and Aborigines generally and called for acceptance and understanding from the Australians. Ps Norman shared that Governor Philip had named Manly because he thought Aborigines looked manly. He was friendly with some but was speared in the shoulder by one after a misunderstanding. Norman shared he had prophetically removed the spear from Gov Phillip in England on a Reconciliation Tour in 1998. He did it again now, using a real spear he and Glen had made. Norman was also prophetically pulling the spear or wounds out of white Australians with British heritage at the same time.

Glen represented Australian Torres Strait Islanders, the other Indigenous group in Australia, and said that they would stand with Ps Norman and the Australian Aborigines and they respect that Torres Strait Islanders are on Aboriginal land. They are a family who love each other in the Lord. Glen presented Norman with a wooden turtle, traditional food in the Torres Strait, as a reconciliation gesture on behalf of their people groups. Andrew Adair, a white Australian with Jewish heritage, asked for forgiveness for the treatment of Indigenous people as did others including Victoria and Bron. Aboriginal intercessors made a valuable contribution with Hazel praying and prophesying a number of times and Noeleen and Kim contributing to prayer and prophetic acts.

Barbara asked the Chinese delegation – Rev Lifang, Judy and Debbie, Yoko from Japan and Molly from India to standing behind Norman to support him in this important moment. Debbie said they were moved to express the role God has given the Chinese in the ethnic union of Australia. Lifang shared God moved her to find a team to take a mission to Aborigines in the Northern Territory and she joined Judy and others a few years ago. Debbie said that the Aboriginal people were the gatekeepers of the land in Australia and were very precious to God. She said Chinese are grateful that British and American Christians were moved to China for missions by God more than one hundred years ago. Many of them dedicated their lives to China to bring about the revival of the Chinese and Asian happening now. Everything that happened in the past was allowed and planned by God. We can now forgive each other and use the weapons of unity and love to fight the theft and destruction of Satan. Chinese are willing to stand between whites and Indigenous peoples to bring harmony. Judy also said that God moved her to give up the Spring Festival to fly to this special meeting because she knew that God would do something new.

Norman with spear and Victoria reading from the Bible

In the end, Irwin and his wife Jill, who looked after logistics during the conference, kneeled at the feet of Norman and Barbara and honoured them saying they were happy to come under their ministry. He said he felt a healing occurred for him from spears he had received in the past. The four of us held the spear during this. We then did a prophetic act with the spear with Norman and Barbara at the front and all of us holding the spear and charging forward spearheading a healing from colonisation and racism – Indigenous, white Australians, Chinese, Japanese, African and Indian participants together. Norman then struck the ground with the spear 7 times as Elisha had told the king to strike the ground and he only did it 3 times. He said if he had struck the ground 5 or 6 times, the enemy would be completely defeated. This is an arrow or spear of victory. (2 Ki 13:18)

Norman and Barbara shadow the Prime Minister in the spiritual government based on Eph 2:6 and Is 9:6-7. They also call it the GAP Network – Gathering Apostolic Prophetic Network based on Ezek 22:30. There was a panel where the intercessors who had taken up government portfolios shared about their portfolio e.g. health, business, immigration, family services, attorney-general etc. This was a very valuable session. Those who shared were Ps Ross and Bronwyn, Glen, Molly, Michelle, Lilian and Norman and Barbara. Later Jacqueline shared on defence. You need to see the video.

Norman then asked for those who live in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) to stand and there were 12. He declared over them that they needed to use the book of Acts as a blueprint for the church in Canberra and have the revival, signs and wonders of the book of Acts and experience Pentecost fire. Barbara asked Lilian to pray over the 7 mountains of cultural influence as she heads up that ministry in Australia. She broke off many things.

That night, Barbara shared a vision she had of PM Scott Morrison in a game of cricket against the ALP and Greens and they were not happy he won (federal elections) and pulled back on climate change and their opposition to religious freedom. However, with bushfires and drought, their confidence came back and were attacking him on climate change, even hitting him with a cricket bat and bowling underarm. Barbara had a cricket bat and ball with her and decreed that Scott Morrison would not be hit with the bat of climate change or receive an underarm bowl.

As she saw a demon vomiting green matter during that vision, Barbara prayed re the spirit behind this climate change attack on the PM and the Lord showed her Pan, the nature god, half man half goat, a form of satan. The Lord reminded her that she and Norman took a Christian tour group of 50 to pray at Pan’s grotto and Pan temples in 2017. Pan was known to cause panic which is where that word came from. He was lecherous and his stertorous voice could cause fear and death. This is why we have a panic re climate change. In Mt 16:17-19, Jesus says that the gates of hell would not prevail against the church. Jesus declared this at Caesarea Philippi and this is where it was revealed to Peter that Jesus was the Messiah the son of the living God. The gates of hell is a physical place here also called the grotto of Pan where the Greek shepherds in the Hellenistic period would sacrifice goats. People came from around the world to this gateway to the underworld. Later after the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70, the Romans, who also worshipped Pan, took captured Jews here and cruelly killed them in games.

This is not to say that climate change is not an issue and we need good policies to deal with it but the panic mode button has been pressed and it is used for political manipulation. Barbara made decrees regarding climate change and Pan. All decrees made are available separately to this report.

This idol worship was able to come in because King Solomon fell into it and his kingdom was divided into Israel and Judah as a result. Jeroboam 1, the first king of the northern kingdom of Israel, instituted golden calf worship at Dan and Bethel to keep them from going to Jerusalem to observe the feasts commanded by God. Elijah confronted this Baal worship on Mt Carmel. Norman led communion and then Barbara led a prophetic act where we poured out the communion grape juice on a bowl containing a list of spirits including Baal, Asherah, Jezebel, Ahab, Pan, earth worship, false worship and much more. Barbara said she has a more detailed prayer strategy that she and Norman have prayed on Mt Carmel following 1 Kings 18. Barbara then declared an abundance of rain.

On the third day, Glen prayed for the Torres Strait Islands and the Pacific Islands as Michelle stood with him with a sarong from Vanuatu. Norman shared about the Indigenous Friends of Israel that he had set up and the giant boomerangs he made to support religious freedom and remove racism from the constitution. Norman declared the government of Australia is on the shoulders of Jesus and got each nation to do the same.

Chinese delegation & Yoko from Japan Praying for Coronavirus

We prayed for the coronavirus with Melody starting off, joined by Carol and other Chinese. Judy moved the Chinese to repent of their debts to God and the people of Australia so they repented that the Chinese came to Australia to enjoy the benefits of Australia without paying anything for this country. Judy repented and said that China is like an Aboriginal boomerang. God loved China and it was called “God’s Land” since ancient times. Later Chinese moved away from the true God, but China will return to the kingdom of God. There was reconciliation between Japan and China. Norman declared Ps 65 about the Lord crowning the year and Victoria said the virus is like a crown and prayed against it. Norman asked the Chinese to lay their crowns before the Lord and crown Him. Jacqueline had a banner of a crown and the Chinese gathered around it and prayed while everyone prayed in tongues against the virus. Michelle prayed a very insightful prayer for China.

Today, 27 January, was the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Barbara released some decrees re Jerusalem and Israel including that Australia is an armour bearer to Israel just as Jonathan was to David 1 Sam 18:1-3 and then we had a prophetic act. Those with Jewish heritage were put in the middle with the rest in a circle around them and we declared the beautiful words from Ruth 1:16-17. Norman then sensed to make a call to Aliyah for the Jewish people.
After morning tea, we had prayer for the bushfires and drought and then prayed in God’s redemptive purpose for Australia. This included holiness, justice and righteousness and a nation of refuge. A sheep nation had been prayed earlier. We then had a fire tunnel so every participant could be prayed for.
After lunch, we had a time of waiting on the Lord after worship and then many people broke out in spontaneous thanks to the Lord from their seats for areas of breakthrough they sensed. Afterwards, Barbara led repentance for Australia for sins that defile the land:

  • Shedding of innocent blood (Nu 35:33)
  • Broken covenants (Isaiah 24:4-6)
  • Sexual immorality (Lev 18:20-25)
  • Idolatry (Jer 3:9) and
  • Injustice to widows, orphans and strangers (Deut 10:18)

We then had a time of testimonies and rejoicing. At one time, Barbara sang in prophetic song and a person gave testimony they saw angels as she sang. At a meeting with the Tabernacle of David Canberra on the following Tuesday night, we prayed extensively re the bushfires. Thanks to all who helped make this successful – Jill, Irwin, Glen, Margaret, Suzie, Anik, Yoko, Victoria, Andrew, Martin and most of all to the Lord. Photo of Hazel sharing.

Download PDF Version of the Report:
Australia Day Prayer 2020 Report by Barbara Miller

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