Reconciliation Newz Buzz May 2019

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Event – 12th May 2019 Mothers Day

Jewish and Christian women speaking

This event is hosted by Rabbi Dr Benjamin Elton, Chief Minister of The Great Synagogue. MC’s for the night are Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC and Silvana Nile. This is a wonderful opportunity to support the Jewish community honouring the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and standing with God’s Kingdom purposes for Israel

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Nations Bless Israel Event 2019#NationsBlessIsrael

Theme – Women of the Tanakh or Hebrew Scriptures,


Sarah, Mother of All Nations – Rebbetzin Fruma Schapiro or Rabbi Mendy Schapiro, Chabad North Shore
Esther – Silvana Nile, Co-ordinator for Nations Bless Israel
Deborah – Aeli Adler, Australian Jewish Association
Ruth and Naomi – Pastor Barbara Miller, Centre for International Reconciliation and Peace (CFIRP)
Acknowledgement of Country and Honouring the Jewish People – Pastor Norman Miller (CFIRP)
Songs and kosher food
Donations to WIZO for their wonderful work


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