Sons of Abraham and ANZAC Centenary Tour Update

This life-changing tour is full.

Beer Sheva 100th Anniversary Tour to Israe

We now have 50 people registered for our Sons of Abraham ANZAC Centenary Tour of Israel. There is a separate registration for the conference though it is part of the tour as our congregation covers these  costs. If you are in Israel and not part of the tour, you can register for our conference.

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Is the Lord calling you to Israel this year for a once in a lifetime opportunity to be there for the 100th anniversary of the Australian daring victorious Lighthorse charge straight into the Turkish canons with planes firing at them from above? This would not have been possible but for the Allied forces who fought all day and the NZ contingent who took the high place. We are not glorifying war but the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy as the Battle of Beersheba made it possible for the breakthrough to free Jerusalem from 400 years of the rule of the Ottoman empire so that a Jewish homeland could be set up in Palestine. We are calling forth the spiritual ANZACS to bring their spiritual breakthrough anointing as we visit all the places the ANZACS fought (including battles special to Kiwis like Ayun Kara.) We will pray for breakthrough on Israel’s borders and in Judea and Samaria.
Not only that, we will be in Tel Aviv Nov 2 for another not to be missed once in a lifetime opportunity which is the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration by the British Parliament supporting the formation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

But there is more! The Lord gave Barbara a dream about holding a Sons of Abraham conference in Israel and going into Israel through the brothers, Jew and Arab so we are hosting a conference as part of the tour that Israelis will also attend and speak at. It is only $95 USD to register (great affordability) and will be held 25-27 Oct 17. We are sons and daughters of Abraham by faith.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Sons of Abraham will be another important theme of the tour as we visit the places God made covenant with Abram/Abraham and where he made altars to the Lord. Most tours don’t go here because they are in the West Bank but these are foundational pillars of Judaism and Christianity.

We visit Abraham’s well in Beer Sheva and Tel Sheva and pray there, re-digging the wells of the spiritual deposits there. It is the site of the first peace treaty or covenant between Israel and the Philistines. We will call forth remembrance of that. We’ll visit Gerar where there were disputes over wells and pray there. In Hebron, we’ll visit the Tomb of the Patriarchs where Isaac and Ishmael came together to bury their father.

But we don’t lose our focus on Jesus or Yeshua and visit all the sites important to his ministry and we visit local congregations or pastors, Jew and Arab.We will visit sites of significance to the only Australian ever honoured by Yad Vashem – William Cooper.

And more – we are organising a Combined Worship Event in Beer Sheva on Oct 30, the night before the big Oct 31 commemoration so some of the tour groups and local congregations can join together in worship. We are also connecting with other tour groups at times eg the Australian Lighthorse Association Tour in Semakh and Jerusalem for events and in Beer Sheva for their re-enactment of the charge. Wow!

Some time out? Yes, we will have some time out for shopping, and swimming on the beaches of Tel Aviv & Netanya, floating in the Dead Sea and enjoying some authentic Middle Eastern food. Secure your place now and don’t miss out.

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