Sons of Abraham & ANZAC Centenary Tour Israel 2017




(includes conference & 31 Oct 100th

anniversary events Beer Sheva)


Prophetic Picture of Isaiah 19 Highway at Sons of Abraham Conference Australia. Believers from Egypt, Israel and Assyria worship together

Park of the Australian Soldier, Beer Sheva


Designed to follow CONVERGENCE@2017, Welcome for the King of Glory in Israel for Sukkot 9-13 Oct 17, hosted by Ps George Annadorai, Shalom Israel (Asia Pacific) and Pacific leaders. See We will be attending this and recommend it so you have the option to do Convergence @2017 Sukkot then Sons of Abraham& ANZAC Centenary Tour 16 Oct-3 Nov 17 in Israel. Re latter see

Walkabout Zion (Ps 48:12), walk where Jesus or Yeshua walked, pray on the borders of Israel,meet local congregations.


Take part in the once in a lifetime 100th anniversary commemoration of the courageous charge of the Australian lighthorse at Beer Sheva and honour all who fought including the brave Allied forces under Britain. A statue to the strategic role of NZ fighters and an ANZAC Museum will be opened and you can visit the Park of the Australian Soldier and attend all ceremonies including the re-enactment of the charge by the Australian Lighthorse Association.


  • Redigging the wells of the first peace treaty between Jews and the Philistines. Both Abraham and Isaac made this covenant or reconciliation at Beer Sheva, the well of oath (Gen 21:22-34; Gen 26:26-33). Calling forth peace/reconciliation in Messiah.

  • Redigging the wells of the ANZACS who brought a breakthrough by taking the wells of Beer Sheva before the Germans blew them up and opening the door to the taking of Jerusalem and Palestine out of the hands of the Ottoman Empire or caliphate which had ruled Jerusalem for 400 years. This enabled a Jewish homeland to be established. We need to bring a spiritual breakthrough.

  • Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration by the British parliament on 31 Oct 2017 supporting the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Those on tour with us will join us in Tel Aviv for this on Nov 2 (the date of the letter from Balfour to Lord Rothschild) before we fly out. The Prime Minister and President of Israel will both be attending.

  • Ps Barbara Miller received a prophetic dream and vision in Oct 2014. Norman and I (Barbara) were at the border of Israel and there were border guards. The entrance to Israel was only through a building with “Brothers” written on it. When we went in we saw it was a hostel and found we were responsible for organising a conference and the people were ready and food organised but I had not realized it was happening and had no agenda or messages and had not invited any speakers. It was basically a message to prepare.

  • We prepared by organising a ground-breaking Sons of Abraham conference in our own nation of Australia first. See for a report. Messianic Jews, Christian Arabs and other Christians attended.

  • Expressing the Father’s heart for unity and the love of God for all the children of Abraham – Jew, Arab and other Gentiles and peace, salaam and shalom (John 4:17; Mt 5:9)

  • Breaking down the dividing wall between the descendants of Isaac and Ishmael and Jacob and Esau (Eph 2:11-22: Gen 17:20-21; Gen 33:3-11). We will visit all the places where God made covenant with Abraham & he built altars. Also the Tomb of the Patriarchs.

  • Building the Isaiah 19:23-25 highway, establishing Tabernacles of David along this highway, Jews and Arabs worshipping together.

  • Visiting Aboriginal Australian Christian William Cooper’s plaque in Yatir Forest & tbc Yad Vashem. He is honoured for leading the only recorded non-govt. protest worldwide against Kristallnacht, the start of the Holocaust or Shoah


CONFERENCE SPEAKERS – Dr George Annadorai, Singapore, Ps Bassem Adranly, Ps Oren Lev Ari, Ps Shlomy Abramov & other Israeli pastors

COSTS OF TOUR $3,285 USD twin share. Flights $1999 AUD ex Sydney Conference registration $50 USD contact hosts, additional to tour

HOSTS – Ps Norman and Ps Barbara Miller, Centre for International Reconciliation & Peace, Ph Barbara 0466076020, e:


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