Amos 9:11 Tabernacle of David conference

Dear Friends

There is a buzz about our Amos 9:11 Tabernacle of David conference in Cairns 11-14 Sept.
We have extended the early bird registration to the start of the conference.

We have a surprise blessing in that Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, who is very much in
demand worldwide especially at this strategic time and who we have been trying
to get since March, is addressing us by video with a message for our conference
and for Australia so we are very blessed.Jonathan Cahn

Jonathan Cahn is a Messianic Jewish Rabbi and j cahnpastor best known for his best selling book The Harbinger
in which he compares the United States and the September 11 attacks, to ancient Israel and the
destruction of Kingdom of Israel.

Jonathan’s Books

The Harbinger 2012

The Mystery of the Shem… 2014

The Harbinger Compani… 2013

Unlocking the Mystery of the Sh… 2015

It will be a strategic time in the Lord. As you probably know by now that Apostle
David Swan is not able to make it but Margot Gabriel, an Egyptian  living in Israel
who helps houses of prayer and worship in the Middle East replaces him and we
will be mightily blessed by her time in the secret place as well as the front lines.

Margo Gabriel
Lifting the Name of Yeshua in the Middle East.
Egyptian born Australian living in Israel

Over the last 15 years I have been in America, Israel, Egypt, Turkey and Korea and most recently in Iraq.  In each of these nations I have been under the covering of

Succat Hallel, in Jerusalem, a ministry that is sending out intercessors to help developing houses of prayer.  I am standing in the Middle East (M.E.) as a watchmen in the house of prayer (HOP), awaiting the fullness of all that is in God’s heart to be released upon  these  nations are spoken of in Isaiah 19:23-25.  The bible speaks of them worshipping God together and how that will be a blessing in the midst of the land.  The HOPs in the region are releasing worship to the true and living God and are in a very tangible way affecting the spiritual atmosphere in the Middle East. I can testify first hand it’s a new day for the M.E. Now I see fires of passionate love for Yeshua, burning across the land – HALLELUJAH!!!

Having begun in Kansas City House of prayer IHOP KC, on full time staff I received the call to go to the Jerusalem HOP, Succat Hallel.  Succat Hallel has a vision to raise up night and day prayer and worship until His return as well as to strengthen the surrounding houses of prayer.   I began my ministry in Jerusalem in 2003, during that time I went in and out of Gaza every two weeks for several days at a time.  In Gaza I ministered to the believers there and also with the believers there in the refugee camps and various homes.  Another honor of mine was to be serving Jewish terror victims and to Jewish aged care homes in Israel, being the love and light of Yeshua to them.

From there the Lord opened up borders for me to get into the surrounding nations.  I will continue to reach out to the surrounding houses of prayer from this connection with Succat Hallel, and then go into the ripe harvest. Many Muslims now are ready to ask their questions that they have been holding onto for years.  We want to be in their way when they ask.   Over the past few years I have been teaching English to supplement my income, but I believe I am to leave full time teaching and return to full time ministry.  This will include much of what I’ve already been doing since 2003, teaching English, training local believers for night and day prayer and worship rooms and also then going out and serving with these same local believers out of that place of worship.  I am looking for friends and partners who will stand with this vision and help me move forward in this calling.

I have just come back from Erbil, Iraq where my friends have formed a team and been standing in prayer and worship of the King in the midst of the current crisis.

So, don’t  miss the song writing workshops with Ps Phil Plotnek, the dance workshops
with Ps Mary Jones, the prayer workshops with Joanne Miller and the music
industry workshops with music producer Chris McKelvie. Register at
Amos-911 Tabernacle of David Brochure or by emailing us on

If you’ve not already booked at the Rydges Tradewinds Esplanade, rooms are still at the conference price of $139 for 1-3 people. You just have to mention our conference
to get it and if you have problems, ask for event manager John Forde. (07) 4053 0300

You may find cheaper accommodation but then you need to look at getting to and
fro the conference which will be up to you.

We are praying for you,
God bless you
Norman and Barbara


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